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A wild Spring for 2016

Forget contouring, forget bronzing, and forget about that oh-so-hard-to-recreate natural look. Milan Fashion Week was all about the wild, vibrant and vivid colours found in nature.

Feeling Blue:

Blue has already been forecast as being THE colour for eyes next spring, and while I’m still trying to get my head (and eyes) around that, Milan Fashion Week took on the trend full throttle. At the Anteprima show, a pretty powder blue was blended onto the inner corners of the eyes, leaving the rest of the eyelid, and face, naked. At Byblos the blue was way more vibrant, as a thick, liquid aqua liner was swiped on in a thick stubby line, just at the outer edges of the eyes. Again the rest of the face was left nude. A similar shade of aqua was found at the I’m Isola Marras show, but this time the bold blue covered the entire eyelid, for an almost modern sixties vibe.

Pretty In Pink:

Pink is one of those difficult shades to wear, especially on the eyes. It can often make the wearer look ill, and make the rest of the face look pasty. But that didn’t stop the make-up artists behind the scenes at Mother of Pearl and Marquis Almeida embracing the colour, in very different ways. At Mother of Pearl the pink was delicately placed and blended at the outer edges of the eyes, while at Marquis Almeida, the most shocking fuchsia pink was applied heavily along the lower lash lines and blended out to create the a thick, yet soft pink rim.

No Limits:

Many of the other shows at MFW employed a ‘no limits’ policy; from wild and crazy sequins adorning the eyes and hair at Ashish, to a slightly creepy face stocking painted with a fake face, it seems everyone is embracing the more is more mantra for Spring 2016.

All imagery sourced from Tumblr