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A step by step guide to a brighter Blonde by NXT

A Blonde is a favourite go to for many. With summer well on its way the demand for a brighter blonde from customers has increased. NXT have broken down a step-by-step process of how to enhance dull hair to vibrant, show stopping locks.

Eve’s hair was dull from previous colour processing and an over use of using blonde hair care products. Our aim is to bring back Eve’s hair to a natural blonde to showcase the natural volume making her hair look fuller and thicker.


Pre-treat the hair using IQ 10 in 1 by evenly spraying all over the head. This will then balance the porosity and will increase the manageability of the hair throughout the stages. Follow with dividing the hair into 4 sections and secure with clips.

Starting at the back of the head, apply a full head of micro slice foil highlights using NXT’s Pro Tech Bleach with 6% working sequentially. Processing. Make sure this time does not exceed 40 minutes as you will not get the desired colour and could cause breakage to the hair follicles.

 We always recommend starting at the back of the head as this helps to ease removal, should these sections be processed before the front.

Emulsify and wash the hair with NXT’s IQ Daily Shampoo and Conditioner then towel dry.

Now it is time for the magic. Mix 9-13 with 3% and apply to the full head starting at the roots and working your way to the ends. Allow the dye to develop, checking regularly for up to 20 minutes.

Rinse then emulsify with NXT’s IQ Daily Shampoo and Conditioner then towel dry.

Once washed, spray NXT’s IQ 10 in 1 throughout the hair for heat protection frizz management and then apply NXT’s IQ Serum to the ends for maximum shine. Follow by blow-drying the hair using a flat brush.

Finish the look by using a flat iron or hairdryer for a blow-dry, for a flawless smooth or bouncy finish. Whatever the customers desire.

Get the look and try this on your clients:  
• Shade 1 Pro-Tech Bleachwith 6%
• Shade 2 9-13 with 3%

 Products Used for maximum shine and overall best results:
• IQ 10 in 1
• IQ Daily Shampoo
• Daily Conditioner
• Hair Serum

It is imperative that a patch test is performed 48 hours before a colour treatment. Please refer to the NXT ‘How to Use Guide’ for further information regarding; mixing, processing times, colouring white or grey hair and ratios. View and download at

All NXT products are available to shop here or in-store at Capital Hair & Beauty.