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Salon System Nails Step by Step

Salon System nail expert Karen Louise has created as summer-inspired step-by-step using GELLUX's Soul Sister collection.

Step 1: 
Prepare the nails. File to shape and push back cuticles and buff nail plate. Cleanse nails with GELLUX Prep + Wipe. 

Step 2: Apply GELLUX Easy Off Base Coat to the nails, making sure you cap the edges and cure. 

Step 3: Start from the pinky finger, only doing two nails at a time to set your design. On the pinky nail, using a small detailing brush or a small dotting tool apply GELLUZ Sugar Addiction to the edge of the nail, then GELLUX Boy Trouble, then GELLUX Gossip Girl. 

Step 4:Move on to the ring finger; at the base of the nail create a half moon in GELLUX Boy Trouble, then, using GELLUX Girlfriends, create a curved line, making sure to leave a gap at the free edge. 

Then follow on your design with GELLUX Sugar Addiction, GELLUX Gossip Girl and GELLUX BFF. 

Step 5: Then using a small dotting tool or an orange stick, drag your tool through the design towards the cuticle area, leaving a gap big enough to drag the design back in the other direction towards the free edge to create a tie-dye effect, making sure each time you drag the design that you wipe your tool clean, then cure. 

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 down the middle finger and thumb, then cure. 

Step 7: On the index finger using GELLUX BFF, GELLUX Gilrfriends, GELLUX Gosspi Girl and GELLUX Sugar Addiction, create circles using your tool and the repeat, dragging out the design inwards to the inner circle and alternating outwards - making sure to wipe your tool each time you drag your design - to create a flowered tie dye effect then cure your design. 

Step 8: Apply GELLUX Top Coat, making sure to cap the free edges and cure. Wipe nails over with GELLUX Wipe+Prep, then massage GELLUX Nail and Cuticle Oil into the nails. 

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