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K18 & Your Salon Services - How to incorporate K18 Services for Ultimate Hair Restoration

Learn how to leverage K18 products in your salon services to reverse damage, fortify hair and enhance salon results all whilst boosting your salon profits. Discover our step-by-step instructions for every treatment, from lightening to styling in our handy salon go-to guide!


K18 & Lightener/Bleach or Hair Colour

Before diving into your lightening or colouring process, it's crucial to prepare the hair properly. Start by using the K18 Chelator to remove any damage-causing metal and mineral build-up, resetting the hair for optimal chemical services. Follow up with the K18 PRO mist, allowing it to penetrate the hair for 4 minutes before proceeding with your service. This step not only reverses existing damage but also helps prevent new damage during the process. After toning, apply the K18 PRO mist again before finishing with the K18 Mask to reverse damage and provide essential nourishment.

K18 & Perms

When incorporating K18 into your perm services, begin by using the K18 Chelator to prepare the hair for optimal results. Apply the K18 PRO mist before and after the perm process, ensuring to wait 4 minutes between applications. This helps reverse existing damage and reconnect broken keratin chains, restoring the hair's integrity. Avoid using K18 PRO mask or oil immediately after the perm service to prevent weighing down freshly styled curls.

K18 & Relaxer

For clients opting for a relaxer treatment, start by using the K18 Chelator to remove any build-up and prepare the hair. Apply the K18 PRO mist before the relaxer process, allowing it to work its magic for 4 minutes. After the relaxer is complete, apply the K18 Mask to reconnect broken keratin chains and restore any resulting damage.

K18 & Japanese Straightening or Thermal Reconditioners

Prioritise hair health by incorporating K18 into Japanese straightening or thermal reconditioning services. Begin with the K18 Chelator to remove build-up, followed by the K18 PRO mist to reverse damage. After processing, apply the K18 Mask to restore the hair's integrity and minimize any damage from the chemical process.

K18 & Keratin Treatments

Enhance keratin treatments with the restorative power of K18. Prepare the hair with the K18 Chelator and apply the K18 PRO mist before beginning the treatment. After 4 minutes, proceed with the keratin treatment as usual. Clients can continue their hair repair journey at home by using the K18 Mask post-service.

Molecular Repair Service (K18 & Blow Dry)

Offer clients a dedicated Molecular Repair Service using K18 products to strengthen and fortify their hair. Start with the K18 Chelator, followed by the K18 PRO mist and mask application. After allowing the products to work their magic, proceed with the blow-dry process for visibly healthier hair.

K18 & a Haircut

Even during routine haircuts, K18 can make a significant difference in hair health. Begin with the K18 Chelator, then apply the K18 PRO mist and mask for added protection and repair. Healthy hair means less cutting, allowing you to maintain your client's style while promoting hair integrity.

How much should I be charging for a K18 treatment and how much profit can I expect to make?

You can anticipate charging your clients anywhere from £15 to £30 per treatment, although this may vary depending on factors such as salon location, experience, and other considerations. The potential profit per treatment typically ranges between £8.00 and £20.50 per client. How much profit can you expect to make? Let’s do the maths! If your salon is charging £15 per client and see 20 clients weekly, you could earn £160 in profit per week, £640 per month, and a substantial £8320 per year! By integrating K18 products into your salon treatments, you're not just reversing damage and strengthening hair, you're also enhancing salon outcomes and boosting your bottom line. Save our comprehensive guide for future reference, allowing you to confidently provide top-tier hair restoration services to your clientele. From lightening to styling, K18 stands as your ultimate salon go-to product for hair like new in under 4 minutes! Shop the full range from Capital Hair & Beauty here, also available in selected UK & Wales stores.