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What is K18 and how does it work?


K18 from the beginning.

K18 burst on to the scene in 2020 by co-founders Britta Cox and Suveen Sahib born from a unique ‘aha!’ moment that hairdressers were desperately waiting for. The pair realised there we only 2 options for hairdressers to offer their clients with damaged hair, and that was either a conditioning treatment that would coat the hair offering a superficial sheen or a reparative bond builder treatment that works to patch hair damage like internal glue, both only offering temporary results. That was all about to change when Suveen left his work in the tech industry and set out on a data- fuelled mission in biotech to unlock a new way of doing things in the hair world. Working alongside a skincare scientist to learn more about bioactive peptide and protein-based polymers and deep dive into the entire keratin genome that makes up human hair, the patented K18Peptide™ was born offering long-lasting results that actually make hair look and feel like new with ongoing reparative benefits. The dream!

K18 is not a bond builder…

Up to this point, the haircare industry has mainly used cosmetic chemistry and, more recently, bond builders to develop its products. K18, which utilises biomimetic hair science, is at the forefront of the modern haircare era with a completely new approach. Operating on a molecular level, K18 is compatible with all hair types. The innovative K18Peptide™ works by penetrating deep into the hair's inner layers to reach the essential polypeptide chains (keratin chains) and repair disrupted disulfide bonds. This reconnection renews hair for that ‘like-new’ look and feel.


How does K18 stay in the hair?

Following the natural structure of hair, the biologically active peptide is considered natural. Unlike traditional bonding agents, it is not rinsed away by water or shampoo, making K18 a genuine and enduring remedy for damaged hair.

How do I use K18 in the Salon?

Healthy hair originates in the salon, and K18 believes its influence starts at the salon chair and radiates outward. While K18 is suitable for all hair types and services, the most significant improvements are seen in damaged hair. Click here for a complete list of treatment protocols and product combinations. Stock K18 from our online store here.