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Why we're loving the 90s - again!

nineties hair 4nineties hair 1The ‘90s was a time for power dressing, big hair, and brick red lippy; it looked so glamorous on the TV, but if you were a teen living through that era, it probably wasn’t so glam. However, the best bits of the ‘90s are back, and we’re loving the hair and beauty looks that have re-emerged.

The hair

The hair of the ‘90s had a few notable characteristics; first, there was the deep side parting. Whether it was Jennifer Aniston’s legendary ‘Rachel’ cut, or a short crop, a deep side parting was essential in this era, as it helped to add oomph to the already voluptuous volume that was going on at the time. Another hair go-to was the big, bouncy look, a la supermodel Cindy Crawford – this hair was totally in your face, and no doubt consumed numerous cans of hairspray. If you opted for short hair, it had to be a Winona Ryder pixie cut, with an overly choppy fringe.

nineties hair 2

The make-up

The ‘90s were all about brows and lips. Brows had two styles in this decade; it started out with very old school tadpole brows – think Elizabeth Taylor – arched and defined, but then we switched to the ultimate skinny brows – see the photograph of Drew Barrymore, complete with her flowery hair twists.  When it came to the lips, it was all about brown. There was the brick red matte look that was swiftly followed by a true matte brown, before we switched things up for dark lip liner worn with a nude lipstick – we’d blend the line in, but not too much!

nineties hair 3

Do you remember your fave ‘90s trend, or are you just now embracing the looks from the power decade?

All imagery sourced from Pinterest