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Sustainable Salons: Mary Alamine - Royals Hair

Australia is often light years ahead when it comes to taking care of the environment; here creative director of Sydney-based Royals Hair, Mary Alamine, shares their commitment to sustainable practices.

Across the three Royals Hair salons we are committed to making an effective and efficient use of resources, as well as to encourage and educate our team. We have implemented policies, procedures and training programs with regard to sustainability and our goal is to maintain a sustainable business that doesn't place unreasonable pressure on the environment. 

If we can make our clients beautiful, as well as the planet, then it's an absolute win for us. 

Here are just some of the systems we have implemented in various areas of the salon:

How to save on water & electricity 
It's inevitable that you will require artificial lighting, so choose LED light-bulbs, instead of standard ones. LED lights reduce your electricity bill and your impact on the environment, too. It should also go without saying that you must turn off any lights when they aren't in use and the same applied to heated appliances, too. 

When it comes to washing your towels and linens, wait until your washing machine is full before you run it. Wash everything in cold water. We use Eco-Ball Wash Balls as a washing powder alternative, which has cut costs on washing powder by 2,000 percent. The natural, no-chemical washing powder replacements are environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective, and one ball lasts between four and six months. 

Waste Reduction
- Seperate recycling bins 
- Colour wastage is strictly monitored and discouraged 
- Recycled aluminium foil is used in the salon 
- Digital communication and usage is encouraged and promoted to decrease paper waste 
- Increased salon partnerships with companies whose products are eco-friendly and do not test on animals, and elimination of partnerships where the products fail to meet our standard and objective 
- Magazines are donated to medical centres 

Energy Efficiency 
- Equipment and tools with high eco-ratings are used 
- Washing machines used on Eco Setting 
- Ecoheads Shower Heads. These are 100 perfect recyclable. The shower-head has an environmentally friendly design that doubles water pressure and all of our backwash basins have them installed. 
- When not in use, all power points are turned off and tools unplugged 
- We use energy efficient hot water systems 
- LED lightbulbs