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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

The new year is well underway, which probably means your New Year’s resolutions are too. There is no better time to freshen things up than at the beginning of the year. Whether that means decluttering your salon or trying something new. So, with spring on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for getting rid of old makeup and introducing some new, perhaps
eco-friendly or sustainable products too!

Disinfect your makeup bag
The first place to start is with your makeup bag. Whether your favourite eyeshadow has exploded or you have bits of foundation rubbed everywhere, take out all your products and give your bag a good clean! You’ll be surprised how much dirt your makeup bag holds. Turn it inside out and rinse under the tap with some soap or shampoo. Or if its machine washable, pop it in with a synthetic wash and it’ll come out like new. To ensure your bag stays lovely and fresh, make sure you clean any products you want to put back in the bag too. The products will look and feel as good as new!

Wash your brushes
It’s super important to wash your brushes as dirty brushes can not only reduce the performance of your products, but will also be damaging to your skin. It’s especially important to do this if you’re prone to breakouts or have acne-pone oily skin. Dirty makeup tools will spread bacteria and lead to further breakouts and clogged pores. No thank you!  This is so easy to avoid, just by giving your makeup tools a little TLC. We recommend Strictly Professional Cosmetic Brush Cleaner. This is one of our go-to products and for good reason - a gentle formula that which will work on all types of brushes, and it’s vegan friendly!

Out with the old, in with the new
It’s easy to forget about that old mascara or blusher that’s been laying around for ages. We are all guilty of clutter and accumulating products that we don’t use. However, makeup does go off and each product in your bag has a shelf life, so if you’ve had it for longer than a year, it’s probably time to get rid! Also remember that some makeup will go off sooner – liquid, gel or cream formulas should be chucked out after about six months. A couple of products that a fresh makeup bag isn’t summer-ready without are: Dr. Paw Paw lip balms Outrageous Orange is our favourite at the moment and getting us in the mood for summer!
We’re also loving Lash FX Grow Me Lash Serum and Kryolan Loose Powder Bronzer.

Adopt an eco-mindset 
With people becoming more environmentally conscious, it's time to ditch those harsh chemicals. We need to care for the planet as much as we do for our skin. One of the biggest culprits are face wipes and cotton pads (believe it or not!). They contain a cocktail of plastics and fibres, which means they're non-biodegradable and essentially bad for your skin, as well as the environment. Makeup wipes don't actually properly remove makeup, they tend to just spread around whatever makeup is on your face and create a breeding ground for bacteria. Swap your throwaway wipes and pads for some washable natural and reusable bamboo pads.

We recommend using some gentle, eco-friendly products with these pads. We have some lovely vegan products, which will be better for you as well as the environment. Here are some of our essentials that we can't live without: Strictly Professional Cleanser, which is enriched with Vitamin E to help repair the skin and improves moisture levels, and Natura CBD Oil Infused Sheet Mask, which is anti-inflammatory and packed with Omega-6 which helps repair damage from pollution whilst promoting skin rejuvenation. You can thank us later! 

Introduce your spring/summer essentials
Whether that's your new BB cream for a lightweight coverage as the weather gets warmer, mist spray or brighter eyeshadow colours, take out your darker winter tones and introduce some lighter colours and products. Here are some of our favourite vegan products that we will be adding to our beauty regime. 

For something a bit more subtle we love Dr Paw Paw Tinted Pink Balm, which you can use on lips, cheeks or eyelids for a soft on-trend gloss. If you or your clients are looking for that post-holiday glow, then your vegan go-to is Sienna X Spray Tan Solution