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Pain free piercing

If you’re an Instagram addict then there’s no doubt you’ve already seen a spot of hair piercing amongst your favourite feeds.

Just like those fake septum rings that all the celebs are wearing, hair piercing is a pain-free way to take on the latest trend for piercing just about anything. It’s tough to put a time on when this new take on a trend that has been around for decades in the Afro/natural hair community, first went mainstream, but we’d like to say that hairdresser Chris Appleton was the one who first exploited it, back in May. Back then Chris was working on Christina Aguilera’s hair, for the American version of hit TV show, The Voice, so he was constantly on the look-out for new ways to play with the singer’s hair.

hair piercing 1

Fast forward a couple of months and Chris introduced hair piercing to the likes of Kim Kardashian and actress Shay Mitchell, to hugely positive feedback.

Here in the UK, Keash Braids are churning out braided styles, with and without piercing. As well as tiny hoop rings, the Keash duo add small pieces of jewellery, charms and studs to their creations, and their appointments are filling up fast!

hair piercing 2

The great thing about this trend is that you can go as far as you like; clients who love to add braided accents to their undercuts or layers can add all manner of embellishment, and thanks to the texture that braids give, the adornment will last several days. It’s also a great trend to play with if you’re planning a collection shoot.

What do you think? Do you offer any type of braiding services at your salon?

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All imagery via Instagram - @keashbraids and @chrisappleton1