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Nude news

This Spring, the hair world is taking its lead from the world of beauty. Two key make-up trends that are hitting the hair industry hard are contouring and nude neutrals.


You’d have to have been sleeping under a rock somewhere to miss out on the contouring trend. The (most likely) person we have to thank for the trend is Mario Dedivanovic, @makeupbymario – also known as Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist. Kim and her sisters have been diehard contouring fans for a couple of years now, and the trend is all about enhancing the natural bone structure, sometimes to startling effect. When it comes to your clients’ hair, the formula is pretty much the same; it’s about enhancing the shape of their face, through the use of clever colour placement. Lighter colours are placed around the face to pick out features, and darker tones are used to create depth.

“Hair contouring is big business. Like make-up, contouring can enhance or accentuate the shape of the face or slim down and narrow, using a combination of freehand colour placement and foiled highlights,” says Lesley Jennison, Global Colour Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional.

nude news

Nude Tones

Never before has the desire for nude tones been bigger; whether it’s a glossy mannequin nail or an uber matte and velvety nude lip, the neutral trend is the perfect complement for anything from monochrome tones to a vivid neon palette. Colour giant Schwarzkopf Professional is leading the way when it comes to taking the trend into the world of hair, and has launched a pretty array of powdery nude tones. These six shades represent a new generation of multi-natural beiges and cover levels 4 to 12, meaning there’s a nude tone for 90 percent of your clients. The new earthy tones range from a pretty, superlight blonde to an intense brunette, all enriched with a rosy undertone – perfect for playing with the contouring trend!

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