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Precious gems

Rainbow hair is so 2015; the latest incarnation of the colourful trend is slightly more sophisticated. Instead of bold pinks, oranges and blues, it’s more about the reflective qualities of beautiful, precious gemstones.

Precious gems

How To Wear It:

One great plus about the gemstone trend is that it can do a lot less damage than rainbow bright tones or pastel colours, and for once, those with darker hair can reap the benefits of this trend. A brunette can easily play with pretty shades of jade and emerald, but as with any colour change, the shade you choose will depend on the client’s skin tone. The only drawback with clients going for an emerald tone is that green is, by nature, one of the most stubborn pigments to get rid of, so if your client is one who likes to play with colour often, it might be better to go for a blue-based green, rather than a yellow tone.

When it comes to the red family of gemstones, think glistening garnets and rich rubies or play with vibrant amethyst shades.

To create that iridescence that precious stones are known for, it’s about layering on the colour, playing with a semi-permanent and a permanent for a rich result.

Precious gem tones in hair 1


With gem tones, unlike pastel shades, you don’t need to lift the hair as much, but the colour will fade quickly, depending on how the dark the hair is to begin with.

Make clients aware that they will need to come in every four to six weeks in order to maintain the depth of colour – and if it’s a lighter gem tone colour, such as opal, they will regularly need to come in for a bleaching session each month. In between sessions, encourage clients to invest in colour protecting shampoos and conditioners, ideally sulphate-free. If they live in a hard water area they will experience more colour loss, so it’s vital they counteract these drying affects with nourishing products at home.

Precious gem tones in hair 2

All imagery via Pinterest.