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Nail that new year resolution

For some clients, their New Year’s resolution will have been to take more time off or to ease off the chocolate – for others, they just want to stop biting their nails! Read on to find out the key tips and treatments you can use to help your client keep to their promise.


Regular Pampering:


While there are plenty of self help and advice books out there to help people give up certain things, sometimes, a bit of pampering can go a long way. Letting your client see how their nails could look with a bit of care can help them see that stopping this habit is actually worthwhile. Plus, there’s something addictive about making a manicure a regular part of your routine. For clients that spend Monday to Friday working hard for someone else, a weekend appointment with a nail tech can become a real break from the norm, offering them a chance to zone out a little while their nails get filed, buffed and hydrated. Add in a moisturising and reinvigorating paraffin wax treatment and they’ll start to feel the benefits of regular upkeep, and will think twice before raising their hands to their teeth on a stressful afternoon.

Colouring In:

They say the trend for adult colouring-in books is growing, but we say nothing beats a bit of colour on the nails. For clients having a hard time in keeping their nails intact throughout the growth process, a colourful gel polish manicure can put them off messing with their talons, for up to three weeks. Get them involved with the process as much as you can, showing them examples of nail art that include blinged-out and embellished as well as more subtle options; keeping them invested in the entire process will help them stay on track in stopping their nail biting habits for good.

Reward Points:

We all love a reward for our spending habits, so why not reward your nail-biting clients? For clients who book in for weekly treatments in advance, say for a whole month, give them the incentive that, if they show zero signs of biting within that period, they can get a free paraffin wax or manicure at the end of the month. That way they’ll have you to impress, as well as themselves.

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