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How to launch a social media savvy salon

This week’s blog is a guest blog from Jennifer Linton and Jaye MacDonald, Co-Directors at Aberdeen-based Linton & Mac. Since launching their salon in September 2015, they’ve focused on building up their social media presence, steadily.

Social savvy salon 1

When you’re opening a salon, getting across your personality is key. For us, a huge part of achieving this was via social media. We wanted a brand that allowed clients (new and potential), to be part of our story from the very beginning.

When it comes to the actual salon, we wanted to bring a touch of London and New York-loft inspired style to Aberdeen, so we went for a space that had a studio feel, very industrial with high ceilings, exposed brickwork and pipes. After posting our new logo across social media to launch the brand, the salon build offered us the perfect platform for a teaser campaign.

Social savvy salon 2

It’s about ensuring that we gain maximum exposure on platforms such as Instagram, and our offerings lend themselves well to imagery. We have an extensive refreshments list for customers, which includes artisan gins, flavoured teas, craft beer (served with nuts), Prosecco (served with popcorn) and other soft drinks, and we also offer Insta-pretty Party Rings and Jammy Dodgers. Even our sugar spoons are all different and sourced from markets and vintage fairs. We even offer weekly in-salon yoga sessions for our team – all of which makes for a great photo on social media!

Social savvy salon 3

We have a running theme for our Instagram and our clean, white borders around each picture make everything feel clean and considered, which we hope is a direct representation of our brand.

Since day one we have made a conscious effort to make sure our social media isn’t just about the salon and our team of 25. We are very active, both in the industry and outside of hairdressing: engaging in events, exhibitions and business seminars that interest us and spark our creativity. Much of this is detailed on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as our blog – The Low Down – which is sent out to every Linton & Mac subscriber.

Social savvy salon 4

We feel this injects our personality into what we do, and shows how it isn’t all about business and gaining new clients. Instead it’s about us as business owners, as friends, as real people, and that authenticity has been really important to us from the start.

Within a year we have more than 3,000 clients on our books, more than 4,500 followers on Instagram, have 126 5* reviews on Facebook (the only star rating to have been selected by reviewers) and great interaction with our clients.

Social savvy salon 5

The main benefit of being socially savvy is that the larger our targeted market, the more effective our audience reach is at getting our message across and this will continue to be one of the most important aspects of our evolution as a brand.