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How to make the most of social media

Never underestimate the formidable power of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest provide fantastic platforms to engage with current and potential clients, reinforce your brand and spread awareness about your services. Follow our top 10 tips for social media success.

1. Create a simple but professional profile

First impressions count, so ensure you have a professional, eye-catching and up to date profile picture that clearly reflects what you do. Include all contact details – phone number, email, website and salon location. Write a short, clear biography along with the services you offer.

2. Get snap happy

Pictures make the best social media content. Research shows that users are more likely to interact with a picture posted, rather than text. Use before and after photos to promote your work and showcase your skills. Video is also very strong on social media. Upload videos of you working and creating.

Instagram & Facebook

3. Communication is key

One of the key benefits of social media is that it allows an interactive relationship between you and the public. Your clients can connect with you anywhere, any time. Encourage them to engage with your content, ask questions, open up a dialogue and get their opinions on new trends and services. Would they like the new trend or service to be offered in your salon? What can you improve on? Always reply to their comments and questions ASAP to build and maintain a good relationship. Keep all responses polite, friendly and professional.

4. #Hashtag

Use these to point out your salon/business name and location. Research what is trending and popular with your existing/potential clients and target market. Use hashtags to gain a wider audience as these can be seen by people who may not have liked or followed you. For example, #Hair #Beauty #Summer #NailArt #Bronde

5. Share articles, quotes & memes

Keep these upbeat, fun, interesting or inspiring, and in sync with your brand. Think about your audience. What would they relate to? What would they find inspiring or funny? What industry news would interest them? What are the new trends? What would they be most likely to share with family and friends?

6. Offer exclusive deals and encourage word of mouth

Run competitions on social media offering a discount or freebie. Reward followers with exclusive promotions, such as a discount off your services when they share one your pictures, re-Tweet a post etc. Word of mouth is still a great way to promote your business. Encourage clients to upload pictures of the service they had at your salon. For example, 'Love your new haircut from SalonName? Upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #SalonName and receive 10% off your next treatment. Also consider rewarding clients who use Facebook to 'check in' to your salon.

Pinterest & Twitter

7. Use time effectively

Research shows that most people use social media in the morning, lunch time, evenings and weekends. Post content at these optimum times to ensure it has the largest possible audience. Update social media consistently. It's better to just use a couple of sites often and well than juggle several poorly.

8. Create a buzz

Everything you post must be passionate and enthusiastic. If you don’t sound excited about your services, you're unlikely to excite clients. Be personable and show your personality; this can set you apart from other hair and beauty professionals.

9. Share feedback

Always share/re-Tweet positive feedback, reviews and testimonials. If you receive negative feedback, take a breath and reply promptly in a polite and professional manner. Never leave a complaint to fester. Always try to rectify the situation and retain the client if possible. Click here for our tips on dealing with complaints.

10. Tell clients you're on social media

Promote your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest on your website, email signature and all printed materials, such as flyers and business cards.

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