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Going bronde?

It’s not blonde, and it isn't brunette either – the new celeb trend is all about bronde.

bronde suki 2

The phrase bronde has been floating around for the past year, but it’s becoming more of a buzzword in salons and amongst clients alike. As with many a trend, it’s the influence of celebrities that is causing the bronde trend to escalate; when Jennifer Lopez recently unveiled her lob, many of us were transfixed by her new bronde hair colour, as well as the cut. Model of the moment, Suki Waterhouse, is a great example of how flattering bronde can be, choosing to accent her dark blonde hair with warm brunette streaks – it also helps her hair look thicker and more voluminous. And just this week, actress Blake Lively showed off her new hair colour, saying ‘brondes have more fun.’

But bronde isn’t really a ‘new thing’; eternal hair icon Jennifer Aniston is the celeb who most likely started the trend around five years or so ago.

bronde collage 2

For clients who aren’t ready for a huge hair makeover, going bronde is a great way to inch them out of their comfort zone, just a little! What’s more, it’s a great look for those going away for a period of time, or wanting to go longer between salon visits, as it means less upkeep than going for a full head of blonde. One thing’s for sure, going bronde is something that should only happen in salons, as many of the DIY kits currently offered are coming under fire for turning women’s hair ginger!

All imagery found via Tumblr.