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Get the look! Modern hair braids

Modernise braids and work them into a style that’s a lovely blend of textures. John Gillespie, Schwarzkopf Professional BC Global Care Ambassador, explains how to get this look.

Modern hair braid model

First, start with a central middle parting, ending about three inches back, and section off the very front (about an inch in thickness) and pin it up for later.

To get the subtle lift on each side of the face, brush the section of hair from just behind the ear to the front of the head, working it upwards and then twisting it under to form a soft ridge at about 45 degrees placement on the head. Repeat on the other side.

Take each of the two long front sections, twist to get height at the front, and then plait them fairly loosely. Secure with a bobble until you can include them in the bun.

Apply a small amount of de-frizzing product over the remaining hair and pull it into a very low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Carefully include the two plaits placing them at the side of the ridge you've just created. This will help keep them in place so they don't drop down over the ears. Pull at the plaits to make them increase in size to stand out more.

Finally, tuck under multiple sections of the hair to form the shape of a bun and fasten with pins, and then spritz on some shine spray and strong hold hairspray to help it last.

The products you will need >>>

1 L’Oréal Professionnel tecni art Liss Control 150ml
2 Head Jog 92 Ceramic Ionic Purple Paddle Brush
3 Avec IQ Styling Mousse 400ml
4 Hair Tools Black Rubber Bands x300
5 Osmo Blinding Shine Illuminating Finisher 125ml
6 Wella Performance Hairspray 500ml

Modern hair braid products

First published in the Capital Hair & Beauty magazine.