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Festival hair favourite - The braid

Hair braid model With Coachella happening in a couple of weeks, rather than cry about our lack of tickets to the California sun-drenched festival, we thought we’d talk about our favourite festival hair go-to; the braid.

While the braid is only really seen in-salon when it comes to adding a touch of individuality or a boho vibe to your bridal clients, it’s still a great option for anyone who’s going on holiday, or visiting a music festival. Braids can add detail in the form of a crown, drama in the form of a swaying fishtail plait, or impact in the form of lots of tiny braids. They’re also a great protective style when it comes to UV rays and chlorine.

Amongst women with Afro and mixed race-textured hair, braids are also a great way of letting natural hair take a breather from heated styling tools for a while. Various lengths and colours of hair extensions are plaited into singles (very fine plaits) or chunky 90s-style braids.

At a festival, braids just can’t be beaten for keeping hair out of the way. If you’re attending a festival for more than one day, you’re going to need back-up in the form a style that:

  1. isn’t going to get in the way of your view of your favourite band
  2. doesn’t require a ton of products that will only weigh down your backpack or trolley
  3. won’t show up the fact that you haven’t washed your hair for at least three days, and don’t intend to any time soon!

Once your hair is braided, you can rely on a touch of dry shampoo for roots, or, if you’re going somewhere that’s warm and sunny, a touch of hair oil to protect ends, and of course an SPF to apply to the scalp if you’ve sectioned your plaits.

And the best bit about wearing your hair in braids? Taking them out to reveal tumbling waves, or tiny crimped kinks.

Hair braid model

All imagery sourced from Tumblr unless stated otherwise