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Get the look: Halloween nails

It’s not long to go now until Halloween and some themed nail art is the best way to embrace the event, from clients wanting some terrifying talons to go with their imaginative fancy dress outfits, to clients who just want to show their love for Halloween night without going all out. Here, nail artist Marianne, tells us how to achieve these brilliantly spooky nails…

halloween nails 1

Step by step

  1. Sanitise the client’s hands and yours with Strictly Professional Sanitising Gel. Then, sanitise all tools and work surfaces - The Edge Sterilising Spray is perfect for this and is available in 60ml and 250ml sizes.

  2. Push the cuticles back and remove dead skin cells. Then, etch the natural nail with a 180 buffer.

  3. Cleanse and dehydrate, and apply primer.

  4. Fit the nail form to the desired shape – in this case, we have used The Edge Stiletto Nail Tips. Use cover pink in reverse application to the nail bed, and use clear acrylic to form the free edge.

  5. Remove the nail form and file with 180 grit (The Edge Duraboard Plus 100/180 File does the job). Once you’ve filed, buff to a smooth finish.

  6. Using gel polishes in orange and black, create your combination and cure for 2 minutes in a U.V lamp or 30 seconds in an LED lamp. In this case, we used Gellux 15ml – Black Onyx, Gellux 15ml – Feel the Vibe Hot In Rio, and used the Gellux LED Pro-Lamp.

  7. Use a fine detailer brush and the gels to create your patterns – spiders, bats, and pumpkins may be a bit cliché but they work really well with these colours – and cure for the required time.

  8. Apply gel top coat (we used Gellux 15ml – Clear Base/Top Coat) over entire design and cure.

halloween nails 2

If you create any Halloween nail designs of your own, share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – we’d love to see them!