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Get the Look: Festival Nails

Salon System Gellux Nail Technician, Karen Louise has created a fun festival inspired step-by-step using Gellux and NailLux products. Find out how to recreate the look...

festival nails

Step 1 

Prepare nail and clean with Prep + Wipe, and apply Fast Bond. Allow to dry for 60 seconds. 

Step 2 

Apply Easy Off Base Coat, then cure, 10 seconds using the Express LED Lamp

festival nails step 1 and 2

Step 3 

Paint a thin layer of Purely White on the pinky and middle finger and diagonally across the free edge of ring finger. Then, cure for 10 seconds, repeat this for second coat. 

Step 4 

Using Butterfly Blue apply your first coat over a third of the index finger, leaving the cuticle area free, and over your thumb nail. Repeat this for your second coat. 

festival nails step 3 and 4

Step 5 

Still using Butterfly Blue, take a striping brush and create a small triangle in the cuticle area of the ring finger along with a small triangle in the top right hand corner of the nail then cure for 10 seconds. 

Step 6 

Apply Shiny Top Coat to the pinky and index finger, dry wipe with a lint free pad then use an application brush to apply the Silver Powder from the Chrome Mirror Kit over the Butterfly Blue on the index and pinky fingers. 

festival nails step 5 and 6

Step 7 

Using a small detailing brush create small triangle shapes on the ring, middle and index fingers using Black Onyx then cure for 10 seconds. 

Step 8 

Continuing with Black Onyx, use a small detailing brush to create a triangle outline outside the black triangle on the index finger, then colour it in and cure for 10 seconds. 

festival nails step 7 and 8

Step 9 

Apply Shiny Top Coat to all of the nails, making sure to cap the edges for a longer lasting manicure. 

Step 10 

Wipe off sticky layer with Prep & Wipe and apply Cuticle Cream to moisturise the skin around the nails. 

festival nails step 9 and 10

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