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Chrome nails: How to get the hottest nail trend of 2016

Ultra reflective with a mirror-like finish, chrome nails are taking social media by storm right now. If you’re not already obsessed with this seriously shiny trend, you’re about to be.

To achieve the look requires patience and skill, likely to put DIY-ers off and keep clients coming to you for picture perfect metallic talons.

chrome nails 1

Highly pigmented powder is rubbed on to the nails over gel polish to create this chic look. Different gel polish colours alter the mirror effect - A black base is used to create a true silver, chrome effect and a red base creates a rose gold mirror.

Our favourite products for achieving gorgeous results are The Edge Mirror Effect Chrome Powder and Sinful PROShine Mirror Powder, which contains real silver to provide the most mirror-like effect and has been designed not to dull once cured in UV light. For a holographic effect, try Sinful Cosmetic Glitter in a range of colours, including Mermaid Iridescent and Silver Hologram.

chrome nails 2

Follow Sinful’s instructions below to perfect this highly sought after trend and give your client’s nails a super sheen they will love:

For best results, use with a non-cleanse, tack-free UV/LED gel topcoat.

  1. Prepare the nail as normal.

  2. Apply your chosen colour as normal - different shades will alter the mirror effect.

  3. Apply a tack-free top coat then cure under a UV/LED light. Make sure the gel is fully cured before moving on.

  4. Use a soft sponge or silicone applicator, rub the powder into the nail, buffing in with pressure until the result is perfectly smooth.

  5. Clean away any excess powder from the nail by using a dusting brush. You may need remover around the cuticles to remove any leftover powder.

  6. To seal in the powder, apply the same tack-free top coat and cure under the UV/LED light.

If you're using a traditional 2 or 3 step gel system, you'll need to remove the tacky surface layer using a dry lint free wipe. More pressure will then be required when rubbing in the pigment to achieve the mirror effect.

Imagery sourced from Pinterest.