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The undercut The undercut has, of course, always been a firm favourite at the barbers, but more and more, as summer rolls around, women with various hair lengths are also playing with the clippers!

Often considered to be an extreme choice when it comes to women’s hairdressing, the undercut is now an option for anyone whether they’ve got short, medium length or even long hair. It might be the fact that more recently women have been playing with ‘fake’ shaved sides, by way of braided styles that give the illusion of shorter length, but today’s clients are more willing to take more hair off.

Celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson have also no doubt played a part in convincing girls that they can carry off this brave look. Head to Instagram or Tumblr and you will see a wide array of women incorporating shaved sides or an undercut into their looks, alongside extra long hair extensions, pastel hair tones and even braids. A popular, softer way to wear the look is with long, soft curls and a braided detail, but for clients who love to wear their hair short, an undercut looks amazing with a spiky Mohawk.

What we like about the undercut is that it can add an edge to any look, but sometimes, it can just be a great way to show off a neck line or a detailed cut – it doesn’t have to include any artwork or be worn with neon colour!

While growing out an undercut can be a bit of a challenge – especially if you’ve a client who wants some intricate artwork or lettering at the nape – it’s a look that works especially well on long haired clients, as they can easily wear their hair down to hide the growing out phase. If it’s an undercut on the side, the hair can always be swept over it when it’s time to grow out – or if your client has changed her mind!

Imagery via Tumblr