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Blogger's review of the Wella Professionals range

Mary Forester is the girl behind the blog ‘It’s another Girls Life.’ With a career in fashion and hairstyling she entertainingly tells the world about all the things she loves. One of those things is the Wella Professionals range. Read on to find out why...

Wella products


May Forester blogger seriously, I did, and totally by accident.

I wanted to do a post on these new hair stuffs from Wella Professionals I've been trying recently. Being a hairdresser, I'm never gonna pass up the opportunity to try some new hair stuffs, so when Capital Hair and Beauty contacted me with this lot of goodies, I couldn't resist!

I have really been enjoying the Brilliance shampoo and conditioner, they're nice and light but so nourishing and make my hair feel really soft but not flyaway or weighed down, plus they smell amazing and so fresh. I've then been scrunching the Oil Reflections Oil through the mid lengths and ends. This is another product I am really into, despite being an oil, once again it's weightless on the hair and gives such touchable softness with a subtle shine, making my parched ends look hydrated and fresh. On this particular night I stupidly left my only hair dryer at work...fate worse than death right. I haven't slept with wet hair for years and I was expecting to wake up with lank, flat hair, that wouldn't do anything the next day. But to my surprise when I woke up I thought, 'Ok, let's try and work with this'. I flipped my hair upside down, blasted some Bumble Pret a Powder onto the roots and finished with the Wella Performance Hairspray and hey presto, this what we ended up with. I'm quite lucky in that I have a natural wave in my hair but I never thought it would last like this. I had this style for 3 days and it just seemed to get better, a quick top up of hairspray each day and I was good to go.

So could this be a firm farewell to heat styling? Probs not but it's defo a great lazy option and will be perfect for summer.

And if you guys don't know what Capital is, it's an amazing hair and beauty wholesalers where I get all my professional hair bits. If you're a professional in the hair & beauty industry this is the place for you, head over to their site to find out more, but I definitely couldn't live without them. They also do courses which is amaaaaazing, I'm desperate to do a waxing and a nails course so if any of you have done a course with Capital, let me know how it was!

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