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Haze Glazing, with Zoe Irwin, Wella Professionals Colour Trend Expert

Recently we attended the Wella Professionals Trend Presentation for what's likely to be the top hair colour trend for SS19: Haze Glazing.

The Inspiration 
Firstly, Wella Professionals Colour Trend Expert Zoe Irwin broke down the movement towards this warmer trend. "We've seen orange and pink coming through over the past few years, and it's definitely a throwback to those warm, fuzzy and free days of the 1970s. It's a real '70s kind of mood." 

Add to this the fact that, over the past two years, yellow toner has become a major player when it comes to many womens' hair colour choices, and it makes sense that Zoe is predicting it's set to take us all the way into 2020. 

The Trend 
"I started experimenting with my clients and realised putting warmth on the hairline made eyes pop and look amazing," says Zoe. "I'm applying global colour, then going through with balayage but using a warm palette, almost as if you're putting summer into the hair, then adding the haze glazing on top." 

So what is Haze Glazing? It's actually the trend and the colour palette, and it's all about adding a warm, sunlit illuminated effect on the hair. 

The Technique 
Here Zoe explains how she uses two Wella colour ranges to recreate the trend: "Illumina is of course about illumination, and while last season we spoke a lot about futuristic tones and using Illumina in a cooler direction, this time I wanted to go back in and find these warm, kind of spicy tones. 
"What I've done is taken this hand-painting method, and created something even softer. Palm-painting means taking the colour, putting it on the back of your hand, then taking up delicate pieces of colour and painting it on. Then I use my fingers to smudge and blend it into the hair. It's balayage using Koleston Perfect and Illumina; I'm taking pieces from the top, dropping in a natural base - not lifting it - then smudging in everything over the top. Now we've got this colour, Magma, that's able to lift but also deposit a tone. It gives a lift almost like a lightener. There's an incredible colour in the Magma range, called Limoncello. We popped in a small dilution of a red tone, and because the texture is thicker, I was able to really work it into brunettes. Which is so exciting!"

Colour for everyone 
"Within the Wella palette there are some very soft lighteners, and when you're talking about afro hair and textured hair - which I believe the entire UK should be going - applying very gentle lighteners gives a beautiful, soft blend that's really respectful to the hair texture, and then we apply this warm terracotta wash." 

With five shades and four glazes, with names such as Velvet Ochre, Maple Mustard and Sienna Dusk, it's easy to see why we're all set to fall in love with Haze Glazing this summer.