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All about the men

For our Autumn magazine we’re talking to barbers about men’s grooming trends and tips – here’s a sneak peek at what Pont Smith, Director at Blue Tit Academy has to say.

Pont Smith

Sum up the look for men this Autumn:

In three words: lots of volume! Evolving from the huge summer trend for 1950s styles, such as quiffs and pompadours, this season we’ll see styles that incorporate plenty of height and body. There’ll be lots of contrast too – height at the crown, juxtaposed with extremely short sides. Volume and body will come in all forms: so big-bodied curls and disheveled locks full of texture and movement will be a strong look this season.

How do you break a male client out of a style rut?

Usually men get into a style rut because they don’t know what else suits them. Our first job, as stylists and barbers, is to open their eyes and inspire them, so we show them images of celebrities, catwalk images and inspirational photos from Instagram, to provide the initial inspiration and get their imagination going. Once they have an idea of a style, or look, we assess their hair type, texture and face shape, and ask questions about their styling routine and personal style to determine the best way to tailor a particular style to that particular client.

All about the men

Is there a universal cut that works on all male clients, whatever their hair texture?

Most styles can be adapted to suit anyone, no matter their hair type and texture, by an experienced and confident stylist. An undercut of some form, or at least some contrast in length, between the sides and crown, is universally flattering. Exactly how that contrast is created, and which style suits a man the most, is best determined by the hair’s texture, as well as other factors, such as his face shape, personal style, lifestyle, whether or not he is balding and the amount of maintenance he is willing to commit to.

Imagery: Blue Tit Luxe collection