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All About The Brows

There’s an old saying about the eyes being the window to the soul, and since 2020, we’ve had to take that to heart. With some of us still wearing masks on a daily basis, our eyes are often the only expressive part of the face that we can share with others. But as well as showing how we feel; our eyes also show who we are and allow us to express our individuality – this means there has never been a better time for you to upgrade your lash and brow services. Read on to find out what Lisa Stone, Brow Expert and Salon System Educator predicts.

Time to step it up
The past year has been a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs and highs and lows. Many of our clients have been resorting to home treatments and DIY techniques to keep their brows in check and now with our industry starting to get back on track we’re faced with a lot of corrective work – especially on those brows!

The biggest brow trend for Autumn has to be a strong brow. We saw brow lamination become the most requested brow treatment in 2020 and the trend isn’t going anywhere. A professional brow lamination can dramatically change the brow and is a great service for creating bigger, bolder, fuller and more volumised brows.

Brow lamination offers an opportunity to tame unruly and messy brows, as we are able to set and position hair into a neat and uniform shape. It creates strong definition and on trend bold looks but is also a great treatment for thinning brows, or brows that have been over waxed or plucked or are naturally thinning with age. Brow lamination allows us to position and move hair to fill in gaps and to create that fluffed-up look, giving the illusion of depth and volume – my more mature clients are loving it and now prefer brow lamination to microblading and other more permanent treatments.

Brow Lamination Benefits
Lisa says brow lamination gives the beauty pro an opportunity to create the latest trends and styles, listed below.
A great way to control unruly brows and create a uniform shape, simply brush hairs up or down to create a light, glossy and groomed look with a touch of volume that’s great for covering little gaps.
One of the hottest trends at the moment is the supermodel look; think strong, big, bold and dramatic brows that dominate the face. This look works well on clients with a lot of hair.
This is a hybrid of the classic and brushed looks, and is great for creating volume and texture. This look works well on thinning or sparse brows by adding the illusion of volume and thickness.

Live tinted
It’s not all about illusions of volume; Lisa says tinting for lashes and brows is still going to be big business.

“As we move through 2021, I see the art of brow tinting become more adventurous, with precision tinting and custom blending to create exciting and harmonising colours as well as brow bleaching, which allows us to create really strong statement brows. It might be worth updating your tinting skills; it can only help your confidence and allow you to offer a more individual tinting service to your clients to gain an edge on your competitors. Think about rebuilding your brow clientele with a fresh new look and add more brow services to really freshen up your treatment menu.”

Katie Godfrey of @kgsalon_bartonleclay shares her thoughts on what’s next for lashes and brows right now. “Right now the motto for lashes and brows definitely appears to be ‘the bigger, the better!’ Super voluminous lashes are so popular and everyone wants that WOW effect. Hybrid lashes are a great go-to treatment, offering a mix of classic and Russian volume extensions for a long, wispy look like Kim Kardashian. This treatment can be tailored depending on what your client wants and how big they want to go.

 “Brow lamination is also popular; it can make the brows look so much fuller, even if the client doesn’t have much hair there naturally. You can style the shape and lift the brow hairs to create a thicker look, just like this one by Chloe at KG Salon.”

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