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2018 Awards and Salon Makeover

We’re so excited to share our great news! As lots of you will know, we pride ourselves on great customer service so we’re thrilled to have received two prestigious furniture awards this week! We’ve been listed as UKs No.1 2017 Salon Ambience Distributer of The Year and the Guild Awards of Excellence for Best Beauty Equipment Supplier. We’ve worked with lots of lovely salon owners over the years, and here we chat to Danielle Carter and Jennifer Sheilds, aka Carter & Sheilds to find out how and why they chose to work with Capital to achieve their dream salon.

Is this your first salon?
Yes. Jenny and I have worked together for over 10 years and decided to embark on this adventure together. We opened the salon on the 1st of May and are now just coming up to the six-month mark.


What was your aim when it came to the look of the salon?
We wanted the salon to have a one-off boutique feel – something that stood out from the rest.

Did you have a clear idea of the look, colour scheme, etc?
Yes, we worked alongside our graphic and interior designers to create a high-spec, tranquil boutique environment. The
overall look is all about elegance and sophistication - a completely unique feeling.

What was the biggest challenge you faced with the revamp?
“Time was our major challenge as we only had four weeks for signing the contracts, clearance, refurbishment, redecorating, refurnishing, speaking to suppliers and ensuring everything was on the shelves for the day we opened!”

Did you have a definite budget in mind - and did you stick to it?
We had a definite budget but no we didn’t stick to it!

How did the Capital team help you when it came to making your vision a reality?
They were amazing; always at the other end of the phone, and they came out to the salon to make sure the furnisher was going to accommodate our needs, as well as speeding up delivery services and ensuring everything was in the country for when it needed to be. We knew we could contact
the team day or night.

What's your top tip for anyone wanting to revamp their salon?
Good planning! Make sure you don’t compromise, and give everyone a specific job role.

Are your clients loving the look of the salon?
Everyone who walks into the salon says that they love it, and that we’re not a typical hair salon – which is exactly what we wanted.

Salon: Carter and Shields 

Location: Woking, Surrey 

Instagram: @carter_and_shields

Facebook: carterandshields