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Let's Party

Nothing says celebration quite like a new look! Check out these luxe party tips from some of the best in the hair business.


Simply Beautiful 

My predictions for party season is beautiful yet simple hair. Think classic, yet understated and glamorous. Clients love looks that can be easily recreated in the salon or at home and a sleek, straight look with a side parting is a subtly glamorous style. To maintain a style like this it’s all about regular trims and blow dries to keep hair sleek and super shiny. 

- Jack Kilpatrick, owner and Director of JKPHairspa

Big and Bouncy

This year has been one of excess volume, height and extreme shine. When creating a look like this, it’s important to create as much volume as possible, early on. I recommend prepping the hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, massaging the products into the scalp and evenly distributing throughout the hair. Then, using a large barrel brush, focus the heat at the roots and then lift and dry from root to tip. I would also recommend using a protective finishing spray for instant frizz reduction, zero static and boosted shine. 

- Gill Berry

Blissed out Braids 

This is one of my favourite trends that’s gone from being a popular summer style to a real party favourite. I love to combine a pretty lattice braid with some gorgeous, soft waves. This braid method uses multiple strands of hair, weaved in different directions to create a basket-woven lattice look across the section. Even creating this in a small square section will make a real statement. Finish the look with a professional shine spray for that final touch of perfection. 

Darrel Starkey, Taylor’s Hair Studio

Super Sleek

 Super long and sleek–the glass hair trend is all about super long, luscious-looking hair! It’s easy to create with the help of a hairdryer, before going over the hair with heated styling tools, but it’s essential that you’ve done the right moisturising prep. Always use a quality hydrating shampoo and conditioner, followed with a heat protection spray to keep hair protected and glossy at all times. 

Tina Farey, Editorial Director, RUSH Hair

Upside Down

A modern version on the half up, half down style is a relaxed updo braid with waterfall waves–it’s a blend of two highly-requested styles a tour salons! It’s low maintenance and easily tailored to suit the client and their style.

Andrew Smith, concepts

Retro Luxe

Vintage hair is coming back and the glamorous ‘60s-inspired bouffant is a style that works for many and can be adapted to suit any hair type and preference. I think there’s been a real shift from the once prevalent blow dry with tonged ends, to a more relaxed texture as clients embrace their natural hair. For me, a textured bouffant is the height of style for any New Years Eve celebration.

Sheree Thompson, Siren Hair Art