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Chantelle: Capital & Me, my self-employed journey & the importance of networking

Introducing Chantelle, a talented beautician, hair extension specialist and proud owner of ‘Chantelle’s Beautique’. We sit down with Chantelle as she tells us how she started out in the industry, her top tips for becoming self-employed, struggles she faced and overcame along the way and her favourite products that she can’t live without!

Hi Chantelle! Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about your business and the services you offer?


My treatment room is based in my garden at home and I offer a full range of Hair and Beauty treatments specialising in skin care, brows & hair extensions. My clients love my set up and really appreciate the little touches like being able to park with ease and having more of a cosy experience away from the hustle and bustle of a busy salon. As well as running my own business at home, I also enjoy teaching others on their journey starting out in the trade with my own accredited courses at home as another branch of my business called ‘The Hair and Beauty Training Beautique’. You may also see me in your local Capital Hair & Beauty as I also tutor for one of their training providers ‘Face Forward’ offering brow lamination and lash lift and tint courses.

It must have taken you on quite a journey to get to where you are today? How did you do it and what is your advice to anyone looking to get started?


I started out in the hair & beauty Industry at just 14 years old when schools were allowing students to swap a GCSE with a BTEC from a local college. In all honesty I only chose hair & beauty because my friends did, but once I stepped inside the industry walls I realised how amazing it is! 18 years on - apprenticeships, college courses and MANY accredited courses later - I am still just as hooked. I love educating and my advice to anyone thinking about getting into is - it is much more enjoyable when you are doing something you love. Don’t feel you need to jump in and know everything about everything straight away. This may take time and sometimes takes patience but you will find the area and treatments you enjoy most, then learn all about it. When you are passionate, your clients will see this, and it will make you stand out from the rest.

We love that advice! So we can catch you educating in one of our local stores but we really want to know what’s in your basket on the way out and why you choose Capital Hair & Beauty as your wholesaler of choice!


I love so many of the products in store but if I had to narrow it down, my top 3 favourites in my basket are always the +Maskology Face Masks, as they have an option for all skin types and concerns and the perfect finish to my skin care treatments. I also use them on myself weekly. Closely followed by the Strictly Professional Creamy Cuticle Remover which is such a game changer! It makes what can be a tough job super easy! And I wouldn’t be without the Hi Brow Lamination Professional kit, it’s one of my most popular services and I love how easy the treatment process is and the results it gives. I shop at Capital as it’s so well laid out and the products I need are easy to find. There is always someone on hand to ask if I need help and whether I am visiting a store to stock up or as an educator, I have always had a great experience!

As someone who is self-employed, what is your advice and top tips for going it alone and staying up to date with the latest trends and knowledge?


Firstly, social networking is key. Become familiar with your local area and don’t be afraid to talk to locals and businesses. Shout about your business at every opportunity! It may take time but word of mouth is the best way so just keep going. I enjoy learning and I like to be able to pass that knowledge on to my students so I stay up to date by booking myself on to a course at least a few times a year and researching across the internet, hair & beauty magazines, trade shows, forums all help.

Are there any challenges that you have faced in the industry and what strategies have you implemented to overcome them?


I was only in the industry for 5 years before deciding to go self-employed so a lot of what I’ve learnt about running a business I’ve had to research and workout for myself. I have moved counties a few times due to my husband’s commitments meaning restarting my business 4 times as well as having some of my own health conditions to contend with. There have been times my business has been very stop and go but the most important thing is to keep going, keep working at it and stay passionate.

Any final words to our readers?


Remember to love what you do and most importantly look after yourself first! You cannot offer the best service to others if you are not looking your own wellbeing.

Book an online or in person course today by visiting or to find out more about Chantelle by visiting her Instagram @Chantelles_beautique Don’t forget to follow us over on our socials @capitalhairuk and @capitalhairireland as we celebrate our 70th anniversary shining a spotlight on our store team, products, customer favourite products and more!