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Work it with these gym hairstyles

It’s that time again where everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions and rarely ever sticks to them. If your resolution is to get fitter, whether that be going to the gym more, going running, or taking up yoga, we think we can motivate you with some perfect workout hairstyles.

No one ever really looks good working out (unless you’re Jourdan Dunn) – you end up with a red puffy face, sweat dripping everywhere (we’ve all been there) but it makes us feel better to think that at least our hair looks good! Keep those pesky flyaways at bay with these pretty, yet practical styles…

Top Knot

Perfect for high intensity workouts such as Spinning. You know how it gets; that one strand of hair that keeps falling onto your forehead because you put your hair into a ponytail that keeps coming loose. Do your hair in a top knot instead and you won’t be struggling with flyaways, especially if you add a headband to the mix.

top knot

Fishtail Plait

Plaits are perfect for most exercises but this particular style is great for Pilates as it doesn’t get in the way when you’re stretching your muscles and limbs to the max.

fishtail plait

Low Pony

Running means hair bobbing up and down repeatedly until your hair becomes one big floppy mess but if you secure your hair in place with a braided low pony, you can ensure it won’t fall out of place.

low pony

Boxer Braids

This particular style is most suited to exercises such as kickboxing or body pump as it locks all hair into place and it looks great too - this trend is set to be huge for 2016.

boxer braids

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workout hairstyles

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