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How to create a twisted braid updo

twisted braid lookThis tantalising twisted braid updo makes for perfect party season hair! Learn how to create the look using Electric Head Jog Waving Irons...



  1. Split hair into three diagonal triangular sections, holding each section in place with bunjee hooks. Brush front section over to one side to lose the parting. Begin creating a halo style braid.

  2. twisted braid 1 twisted braid 2
  3. Take first three small pieces symmetrically from first section to begin creating the loose couture braid, adding hair into the braid as you move along the curvature of the head shape and then use grips to hold the braid firmly into place once completed.

  4. twisted braid 3 twisted braid 4
  5. Take the second section and using the Electric Head Jog Gold Titanium Waving Irons create different curls with the separate barrel sizes to give a continuous relaxed look as a continuation of the plaited area.

  6. twisted braid 5 twisted braid 6
  7. For the third section use the largest barrel waving iron (32mm) to curl the hair, and then take small pieces from the this section to wrap around to hide the bunjee hook, then brush through the loose hair.

  8. twisted braid 7
  9. To complete the look, take large sections and twist around your fingers to create a continued shape from the braid, forming curls and large twists asymmetrically then gripping into place.

  10. twisted briad 8
  11. Use grips to make sure hair lines are clean and use the end of a tail comb to loosen the braid, the curls and twists for a relaxed editorial look (For a more refined look, do not loosen the sections, instead keep sections pulled tight).

  12. twisted braid 9