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Tips From The Pros - Jennifer Linton

Next up, Jennifer Linton, Co-Director at Aberdeen's forward-thinking and award-winning salon Linton & Mac, says happiness is the key to success.


"Our staff retention rate is at an all-time high, and we put that down to their happiness. Our priority is our team and we treat everyone like family. At the beginning of the year, we sit down with each member of our team to discuss his or her aspirations for the year ahead. It's important to help them set goals so that they can achieve their ambitions, and it also shows that you care about what is important to them. Whether it's education, a promotion, or wanting more responsibility, we do everything we can to help them achieve their goals. 

"We also analyse our service offering: we have over 5,000 clients on our books, and we believe that our simple formula of 'do what we love and love what we do' is testament to our success. We believe that we have created the perfect customer service and the feedback that we receive from our clients is amazing. We listen to their needs and new services are introduced regularly to keep them happy. This year we are introducing more male grooming services, adding to our beauty team, and expanding our wedding offering. 

"Finally, it's all about having a structured approach; our first two years in business have been better than we ever expected. We have learned so much, and we're certain that this year will teach us even more. It's time to revisit our business plan, look at ways to grow and tighten up on all aspects of the business."