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The tomboy trend

ruby rose More and more women are playing with their hair, and we’re not just talking about a colour change. Thanks to the likes of Orange Is The New Black’s Ruby Rose, women are trying more androgynous looks.

Yes, for decades, women have been playing with shorter haircuts that border on the more masculine side, but in recent years, those experiments have become even more masculine, as women are realising you don’t need a headful of extensions to look or feel pretty. Fast forward to just a few months ago, when the latest series of Orange Is The New Black came out. Once the new series had been uploaded to Netflix, it soon emerged that no-one was really talking about the show; instead they were talking about a character called Stella, played by actress Ruby Rose.

tomboy trend

Ruby’s look is one that is unapologetically fluid. On photoshoots she can go from adopting a macho stance, flaunting her tattoos and showing off her latest tramlines on her scalp, to sweeping her fringe over her forehead and wearing lipgloss and eyeliner. She’s the ultimate proof that a short haircut doesn’t have to be a cute pixie cut!

The buzz cut has also experienced a new lease of life; women of all hair types, from afro to baby fine, are taking to social media sites to show off their extreme clipper work. While some are simply shaving it all off, many are playing with geometrical tramlines or keeping some length on top, a la Ruby, which affords them a little room to show versatility when it comes to styling.

The only way that the Tomboy trend really differs from say, the lob, is that it probably isn’t the most wearable. Women who go this short will often have more angular features, heart shaped faces or a strong set of eyes or lips, but mostly, it’s not even about how they look. It’s all in the attitude – you’ve got to really wear this look.

Can you see many of your clients opting for the Tomboy trend?

Images found on Tumblr