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Something Old - Something New

As the international fashion weeks have shown, we are taking things all the way back when it comes to styling, and the ‘90s is front and centre. Read on to find out more on these retro big hair trends.

Update on a Classic

Does the bob ever go out of style? Short answer: No. The reason for the evergreen appeal of the bob is because, depending on the length, it’s a look that can suit any face shape or hair texture. Right now, it can be anything from a short and swingy French girl bob, a luxurious long bob, or a razor-cut curly bob. For Tori Kiff, it’s about keeping things fresh with the addition of a fringe.

“I love updating a classic curly bob with a fringe, especially as so many of my curly clients seem to think it’s a style they shouldn’t have. I’ve managed to show so many clients that it’s all down to fear and that actually, a curly bob is so flattering and easy to style; I advise them to use their fingers to curl their fringes or to use a brush when styling,” shares Tori.

Of course, the most modern way to wear a bob is the Bixie, a hybrid of the bob and pixie; think classic bob updated with a fringe or micro bangs, or you could play with the Butterfly Bob. RUSH Creative Director Andy Heasman’s a fan.

“The butterfly bob is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want a traditional ‘block’ bob. It’s a style that encompasses short and long layers and texture to give a more effortless finish. The bob usually hits between the chin and above the shoulders and features a longer layer around the cheekbones with shorter, more feathered layers around the face to help compliment and frame the facial features. The ends of the hair should be cut bluntly to give thickness and fullness. With that in mind, this haircut is particularly great for those with thinner hair types who want their hair to appear thicker,” advises Andy.

Forever ‘90s Inspo

The love for the glamour of the ‘90s supermodels isn’t going anywhere, and you can expect the trend to continue now that Apple TV has launched the fly-on-the- wall documentary series The Supermodels. From big, bouncy blowouts and IT Girl longer layers to super thick headbands, it’s all in the styling says Ellie Smith of Smith England.

“I’m really loving the use of ‘90s styling, specifically those thick black headbands the supermodels used to wear because they’re so versatile. You can style a headband with sexy IT girl bombshell layers or as seen on Euphoria actress Alexa Demie in the new Calvin Klein ads: simply scrape all hair back away from the face then add the headband ensuring it sits between the forehead and hair. The hair should then come forward around the headband for that classic ‘90s style,” says Ellie.

And it’s not just the super thick headband that’s having a revival; some of you might also remember the zigzag, or comb headbands of the ‘90s and the early 2000s. These super skinny headbands slide back into the hair creating tiny little partings, and for Marney Lian of Gritt London, they’re ideal for controlling flyaways. She says the bands “provide a clean, controlled look with minimal effort and are also a useful accessory for active clients.”

Fringe Benefits

Many of your clients won’t be looking for a complete style makeover in the colder months; often it’s more about something to refresh their look ahead of the festive season. A super quick way to update a bob, or longer lengths is to add a fringe. Marina Hodgins says: “A classic bob never goes out of fashion but by adding a fringe or micro bangs you can achieve a fresh new style that can be tailored to any face shape.” Ellie Smith agrees: “Fringes and bangs are perfect for enhancing features! Look at the client’s face shape and decide on the most flattering length of the fringe or bangs. They are perfect for highlighting the cheekbones, and jaw while a full fringe will help to disguise any thinning of the hair around the hairline.”

The Ultimate in Glamour

Super long hair has always been synonymous with glamour. From the likes of Blake Lively front row at New York Fashion Week to Priyanka Chopra at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, long hair is truly having a moment. The key to wearing it is all in the layers, and the cut of the day is the IT Girl bombshell layered look. Marney Lian explains.

“The IT Girl bombshell long-layered cut is an amazing option for those who want to keep their length but also want lots of volume! Focus on creating shorter layers at the top to frame the face and longer layers throughout the rest of the hair. The essence of the cut is the focus on face-framing which can be achieved by blending the layers into the overall cut and then using rollers or round brushes to style the hair with a big, bouncy bombshell blowout!”

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