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The new and improved lob

Although the lob seems like such a fresh and new style, it actually first appeared back in 2013. Back then it was a chunkier, choppier affair, but the new lob is a little more sleek.

jennifer lob

Back in 2013 the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Hendricks and Alexa Chung opted for the lob, but the version they wore was longer than the current chic styles we’re seeing on actresses such as Sienna Miller and Emma Stone. As well as being a longer look, it also had a retro choppy feel to it.

sienna lob

Today’s look definitely delivers on texture, but it’s much softer and more delicate. Sienna Miller has pretty much become the poster girl for the style, as she always shakes things up where the styling of the cut is concerned. One day she’ll add flirty flicks and waves, another she’ll slick it back with a side parting for an androgynous finish. She’ll even throw in a couple of braids when she feels like it, as she has just enough length to carry any look off.

sienna lob 2 mindy lob

Other celebs that have newly opted for the lob, include The Mindy Project’s Mindy Kaling, who’s chosen to play up her texture with clever colour placement. Accenting her gorgeously chocolate-y and glossy hair with a chunk of caramel just beneath her ear means that every now and then we see a burst of colour. Jessica Alba, one of the first to wear a lob way back when, has continued to play with the trend ever since. Instead of sticking with her exact initial shorter look, she has played with length as well as colour trends, most recently a much-copied ombre, which all goes to prove the versatility of the lob. This isn’t one of those trends that’s here one day and gone the next, and, for the rest of 2015 at least, you’re going to be seeing a lot more celebs – and clients – opting for this sophisticated style.

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All imagery sourced from Tumblr unless stated otherwise.