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The Top 10 Nail Instagrams to Follow Right Now

Are you in need of some nail inspo?! We have the top 10 nail instagrams that we think you NEED to follow... get ready to be inspired!


#1 @nailinghollywood 71,300 followers

Who are they? An agency for top celebrity nail artists like @jennahipp and @debbiedoesnails, as well as stylists and hand models. 

Why you should follow them. This is the account to follow when you really want to keep abreast of the very latest trends as they make their way from the red carpet to the streets.

#2 @getbuffednails 463,000 followers

Who is she? Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sarah teaches across the globe. 

Why you should follow her. If you're obsessed with stiletto nails Sarah's Instagram is full of them, all intricately painted and embellished. 

#3 @vanityprojects 76,000 followers

Who are they? This is a New York-based salon which also has a site in Miami - @vanityprojectsmia 

Why you should follow them. Ultra-modern in their designs, the salon caters to every type of client, from fashion-forward squoval types to those who love embellished, designer talons. 

#4 @nailsbymei 97,000 followers

Who is she? Mei Kawajiri, New York City 

Why you should follow her. She's the nail tech that the IT girls of Instagram and supermodels like Gigi Hadid book in with. No subject matter is off limits, from hunks of meat to David Bowie. 

#5 @the_manicure_company 13,900 followers

Who are they? A professional Irish nail brand - exclusive to Capital! 

Why you should follow them. Find our what's next when it comes to new colour collections and product launches. 

#6 @sudanlondon 12,000 followers

Who are they? A London-based beauty salon that also offers manis and pedis, lashes and brows. 

Why you should follow them. Your favourite beauty blogger probably already follows them! Super fresh designs, specialising in acrylics and amazing at ombré effects. 

#7 @britneytokyo 160,000 followers

Who is she? A globe-trotting nail tech based in LA. Her Instagram bio says 'Tokyo meets Hollywood', and it's easy to see why. 

Why you should follow her. With a client roster including the likes of Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, her work is in-your-face and super intricate - from her '90s Disney Castle nails to her men's nail art. 

#8 @chelseaqueen 102,000 followers

Who is she? AKA Chelsea King, she's a nail tech and blogger. 

Why you should follow her. If you aspire to be all about the details, you'll love Chelsea's work - she's great with nature-inspired art too! 

#9 @mariannewman 22,600 followers

With 30+ years in the biz, Marianne is the author of The Complete Nail technician and an ambassador for CND. 

Why you should follow her. She's the women who gets the international Vogue magazine covers and is found backstage at high profile fashion shows. Enough said. 

#10 @aliciatnails 65,000 followers

Who is she? Alicia Torello is an editorial manicurist based in New York. 

Why you should follow her. If you love simple yet graphic looks, Alicia serves up everything from sharp line manicures to stunning colour block work. 

Don't forget to follow @capitalhair