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Stay on trend with this stained glass effect nail design

Lucy from has created this negative spaces, stained glass effect nail design using NSI Polish Pro. This key trend involves leaving areas of the nail un-coloured to contrast with the bold and colourful nail designs on the rest of the nail. Read on to find out how Lucy achieved this striking look.

Stained glass nail design
  1. Prep the natural nail by pushing back the cuticle, etching lightly over the nail plate with a 180-grit Dura file and dehydrate the nail.

  2. For clients with weak, thin, natural nails apply Balance Bond Non-Acid Primer.

  3. Apply a thin layer of NSI Polish Pro Basecoat Plus, capping over the free edge of the nail and cure for 2 minutes with a 36-Watt UV Lamp or 60 seconds for a LED lamp.

  4. Optional: Apply one coat of Tennis Buff to give natural nail ‘beige tint’ and cure.

  5. Apply Ebony Polish Pro to the thumb to create a stained glass effect made up of small triangles.

  6. Add more of the shapes up to the free edge of the nail but do not join all of the shapes to create the negative space effect.

  7. Cure under 36-Watt UV Lamp for 2 minutes or 60 seconds under a LED lamp.

  8. Paint in the sections of the nail using NSI Polish Pro colours of your choice with a nail art brush.

  9. Create the design on ring finger and thumb as accent nails.

  10. Paint the 3 remaining nails with Polish Pro Colours of choice.

  11. Cure all nails using a 36-Watt lamp for 2 minutes or 60 seconds for a LED lamp.

  12. Apply NSI Polish Pro Top Coat in thin strokes, cap the free edge of the nail and cure.

  13. Wipe over nails with NSI Cleanse to remove any tacky residue.

  14. Condition the skin around the cuticle with a cuticle oil to complete the service.

Stained glass nail design

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