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Skin perfection

skin perfectionWinter is well and truly here, and everyone’s skin is feeling it! Here we’ve compiled some of our must-have skin buffing products and tips to leave clients’ skin feeling scrubbed and loved.


No amount of make up can disguise truly tired, dry or distressed skin. January is the perfect time to advise clients that it’s okay to go make up free. Even if they look at you like you’re crazy, at the very least, you should encourage them to go sans foundation over the weekends.

Allowing skin to breathe is key to achieving that glow we’re all after, but of course, we all need a little help. The latest innovation is skin brushing, on the face. While it’s long been a detoxifying trick for tired arms and legs, gentle skin brushing on the face means clients can ditch any chemicals or ingredients that don’t agree with them, and instead use a brush with soft, nylon bristles that will effectively cleanse the skin, and also swipe away those dulling dead skin cells. Regular use will reveal fresher, softer skin, and the brush can be used with any product of choice.

For clients who prefer a good old scrub, we’ve got a whole range of face products that tackle blocked pores and more. Afterwards, smooth over a soothing facial oil; we can’t live without Infinatura!


Scaly skin is never a good look, but for some clients it can also mean a painful Winter. Extremely dry and scaly skin needs real care and attention from a professional, so invite clients in for a detoxifying and descaling session. Depending on the intensity of their skin complaint, you can prescribe a gentle, oil-based treatment, or apply a scrub infused with heeling and calming ingredients.

Once the skin is effectively exfoliated it’s vital that it is moisturised according to the clients’ needs, so opt for an oil containing geranium or soothing chamomile, and follow up with a super hydrating body butter for clients who need that extra attention.

And don’t forget the skin on your clients’ scalp! From time to time a Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion treatment should be advised, to give new hair growth the best possible foundation.

See more of our skin revitalising products.

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