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Pumpkin spice - Winter’s favourite colour trend

You might have seen our recent Facebook post about orange hair – it was one that got a lot of love! Here we talk through the various ways to wear this winter warmer.


Just as popular as our winter Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the ombre trend has been floating around for a long time now. But this season, hair colourists are going to town with the look, ditching the usual pinks and violets in favour of a gorgeously warm orange palette. Now is the time to play with deep dark ruby grapefruit, fading away to a bright peach, but also, consider placement; it doesn’t always have to be dark to light – why not switch things up and go light to dark from roots to ends? A great complementary shade for those who want deep, dark roots is an intense purple or plum tone.

Orange Ombre

Orange All Over:

Whether it’s a cool, pastel peach or a tangerine dream, orange is a colour that suits most skin tones – they just need to be brave enough to carry off this full-on interpretation! Most people who want to get this rich colour pay-off might have to accept a helping hand from bleaching products, which ultimately will mean more upkeep and maintenance. Make sure you book them in for conditioning treatments as well as top-ups around the six-week mark.

Orange hair


For those who want to make their hair look thicker and more textured, opting for multi-faceted colour is the best way to play with the pumpkin trend. Try various shades of golden blonde or chestnut, blended in with copper highlights for a shimmering take on the trend. For those who just want a hint of orange, try weaving a few strands of bright copper into brunette hair or some neon tangerine for blondes.

If you want to recreate these looks, check out our fantastic range of colour and colour care products.

Multi-tonal orange hair

All imagery via Pinterest