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Nudes - the anti-brights!

While we do love a mega bright nail, we have to admit, a tan always works when it’s accompanied with a chic nude nail.

Nude nails are the perfect antidote for clients who don’t like to draw too much attention to their nails. It’s a great tone for those who take their jobs seriously, and of course it’s beloved by many a bride for her big day. But even though nude is a simple look, it’s also one that will still draw attention to the hands, so it’s imperative that cuticles are well taken care of. Although we love a nude nail with a tan, make sure you encourage clients to keep slapping on the SPF on their hands, as youthful hands are the perfect backdrop to those regular manicures they’ll be coming to you for in the years to come.

nude trend compilation 1

When it comes to the finish, some clients can’t get enough of the mega glossy topcoat, but matte nails are becoming even more popular as formulas improve. Thanks to the matte lip trend that won’t go away, you’ll find that more and more clients will become interested in extending the trend to their nails. 

Again, when it comes to the shape, there are no rules; a neat square look always look chic and sophisticated, but nude works just as well on almond shapes and stilettos – it’s more about the shape that your client prefers.

nude trend compilation 2

When it’s time to choose the tone, clients can go for a look that completely mimics their skin tone, however light or dark, or they can opt for something that contrasts, such as a taupe nude or beige nude.

For those who can’t resist just a little something extra, pick a statement nail and decorate it with a fine black lace print, or sprinkle on some glitter or Diamond Nail Gems for a touch of bling.

Check out our Gellux range of In The Buff tones for more nude inspiration.

gellux in the buff

All nail images sourced from Pinterest