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Salon System nail expert Julie Anne is keeping us inspired Crocodile nail step by step using GELLUX

Salon System nail expert Julie Anne is keeping us all on trend with this amazing Crocodile nail step by step using GELLUX. Keeping us all inspired and busy during this time. Croc'in our world!

Step One 
Prepare all the nails and wipe over with the GELLUX Prep+Wipe. Apply the GELLUX Fast Bond and let dry for 30 seconds. Then apply the GELLUX Cover Pink Base Coat, and cure for 30 seconds. 

Step Three
Then, start to paint random patches of GELLUX Goldmine on each nail and cure. 

Step Four 
Apply a very thin layer of GELLUX Easy Off Base Coat. (Do not substitute this, as it will not work). Then, dip a medium liner in GELLUX Rush Hour and create the crocodile scales. Leave a couple of millimetres between each scale to allow room for the gel to bloom. Cure for 30 seconds.  

Step Five 
Repeat the last step for all nails, making sure to remember to leave space between the scales to bloom and cure one finger at a time. 

Step Six 
Now dip a fine brush or medium liner in GELLUX Gold Rush and outline the edges of the crocodile patches, cure again. 

Step Seven 
Finally apply the GELLUX Mirror Glaze Top Coat, and cure for 60 seconds. Next wipe the nails with GELLUX Prep+Wipe and GELLUX Nail & Cuticle Oil.