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New beauty rules

For some time now, Korea has been a major beauty influencer, and Japan has been the leader when it comes to the glossy hair market, but Brazil is catching up with both of them, as more and more of your clients will soon be influenced by Brazilian beauty.

La-Brasiliana model and products

Until now, Brazil has been the second biggest leader when it comes to sales of smoothing hair treatments, but that is set to change this year. In fact, by 2020, the Brazilian professional haircare market is set to grow to $589.4million (around £400million). With areas such as Africa becoming more interested in Keratin treatments, as well as the UK Afro hair market, manufacturers are coming up with many more innovative options for your potential straightening clients. Women of Asian and Mediterranean descent, who often face issues when it comes to smoothing treatments that actually work on their thicker, often more dense hair, are discovering that there are some new options out there, and it’s Brazil that is leading the way when it comes to smoother results.

The quest for smoother hair also means huge growth for brands offering serums, masks, leave-in conditioners, as many of these treatments require more at-home and in-salon maintenance. When it comes to the leading manufacturers, L’Oréal Professional is the largest, with Schwarzkopf and Wella Professional closely following, but there is also a wider appeal for brands that use natural ingredients, such as Macadamia. Perhaps the most specialised range you can use to offer clients the perfect Brazilian Blow Dry is La-Brasiliana, a professional conditioning keratin treatment for that just blow-dried look.

When it comes to the rest of the body, the focus that Brazilian women place on head-to-toe anti-ageing is also going to affect your client base. More and more, women will expect longer-lasting and life-enhancing results from the money they invest in skin-smoothing treatments.

One of the reasons why things are changing in both the hair and beauty markets, is because there is a new breed of client. So-called ‘pro-sumers’ – professional consumers – are shoppers who do their research before they even book their hair treatment or enter a beauty salon. These women read blogs, watch video reviews and Google specific product reviews before they commit to purchasing anything. So, even if you believe that the Brazilian influence is just a passing fad, you definitely need to pay attention to the client experience, as your next customer might be reviewing your salon as you read this…

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