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How to re-open your Salon safely


Reduce the risk

It’s clear that Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere fast. Beauty writer Charisse Kenion offers advice to ensure you and your salon are doing everything possible to reduce the risk now we are entering the 3 tier system.


Back to basics
Remember when the first government guidelines emerged? Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, covering your mouth and nose when sneezing with your elbow, avoiding touching your face – those three golden rules still stand and it’s important that you eat, sleep and breathe them once you’re back in the salon. By setting an example for your staff, you’ll be setting an example for your clients too.
But when you’re running a salon or mobile beauty business, there are other key things to bear in mind.
1: Remind clients that they must stay at home if they’re showing any symptoms or have been in close contact with anyone else who has symptoms.
2: The same goes for your team; if they’ve shown symptoms, they need to stay at home.
3: Clean all styling stations in between clients with antibacterial spray.
4: Ask clients to wash their hands on arrival and/or provide hand sanitizer.
5: Give each client a freshly laundered gown and towel.
6: Clean surfaces after every contact – including door handles and hand rails.
7: Provide tissues in treatment rooms with no-touch dispensers.


Stay positive
It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster year, but if there’s one thing it’s taught us it’s that we are still here – even if we’re feeling a bit battered and bruised. As salons re-open and you return to work, you’re bound to feel a surge of emotion at how things have changed, and just being able to see your clients again. And they will be feeling the same about you; take all that in and remind yourself of why you’re in this business and how important you are.

One thing to remember; no-one expects you to be positive 24/7. It’s only human to feel up and down, and it’s important to address those feelings. You don’t have to deny them; instead, take yourself for a walk, and ask yourself where those feelings are coming from. If you feel you could benefit from some expert advice, or a professional to talk to, visit or if you live in Ireland.


Stay up to date
While setting up alerts and notifications on your phone can sometimes become stressful interruptions, it’s much easier to bookmark important websites. Sites such as the National Hair and Beauty Federation’s; Hairdressers Journal – – as well as are updated weekly and/or daily, and will compile the latest and most relevant news to the hair and beauty industry.

Decide how often you want to check in on news updates – perhaps it’s every few hours, or every few days – and try and stick to that routine. Having a routine time to visit these sites means you’re less likely to spend time ‘doom scrolling,’ a term that sums up our increased lockdown-related social media usage. Ideally you just want to check in, and check out!


For more tips and advice check out the rest of our blogs at – we’re here to help.