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Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair

More than ever, clients are realising that glossy, healthy-looking hair starts with a healthy scalp regime. Here’s why...

Healthy scalp = healthy hair!
From an early age your clients have most likely been told how to take care of their hair; from brushing it 100 strokes a day for shiny hair as a child (although we have no clue if that works!), to maintaining it as an adult, but the health of their scalp is often overlooked. Unless, that is, they happen to be a client who struggles with scalp issues. 

Common scalp woes include dandruff – something that can be embarrassing as well as uncomfortable – acne, bumps and even cysts. Some clients will have experienced sun damage to their scalp while others might often experience redness and irritation. While the vast majority are likely to experience little to no scalp issues, they could still benefit greatly from paying a bit more attention to their scalps.

Much like how quality soil will reward you with healthy, plentiful plants, taking care of your clients’ scalp and encouraging them to pay more attention, will reward them with hair that looks and feels stronger and is shining with health.

Easy does it
First steps to helping a client achieve optimum scalp health could include avoiding products that contain sulphates, alcohol or fragrance, all of which are known to strip healthy moisture from the scalp, leaving it dry and irritated. When they’re at home, encourage them to look at what they’re eating; gut health is strongly linked to skin health, and of course, the scalp is skin! They should consider a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, known for their antioxidant properties and also try a probiotic supplement, believed to help thicken hair and improve the skin over time.

Robert Eaton of Russell Eaton Salons agrees:
“Feeding the hair from within and keeping its environment, the scalp, in the best possible condition is crucial for hair health, which encourages it to grow stronger and thicker,” says the award-winning hairdresser.

Robert also advises regular at-home scalp massages; they’re great for relieving tension but also help to nourish the scalp and encourage hair growth. “Scalp exfoliating brushes can be used in circular movements so that the bristles gently exfoliate,” says Robert, and you should also advise clients to try a scalp scrub. The options are endless as more and more brands offer a scalp scrub as part of their routine.

For Dominic Roach of Butchers, the right regime is key for the ultimate scalp health.
“I advise my clients to invest in, at the very least, a purifying scalp cleanser and a protective scalp concentrate. The scalp cleanser is like a shampoo for the scalp; it deeply, yet gently cleanses and purifies the scalp and also exfoliates – creating a clean scalp foundation for beautiful hair. “Following this with a lightweight, leave-in treatment means the surface layers of the scalp are nourished and protected,” says Dominic.

Easy as 1, 2, 3
1: Advise clients of products that can make an at-home scalp massage even more enjoyable, such as this Avlon AffirmCare ScalpTherapy Scalp Relief Oil.

2: This Biolage ScalpSync Cooling Mint Shampoo cleanses excess oil while also leaving the scalp feeling cool and calm.

3: Containing activated charcoal and caffeine, this Wise Up Scalp Shampoo from TIGI Bedhead for Men is the ultimate wake-up call for a tired, flaky scalp!

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