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HEADTOTOE Winter Special

Winter is the perfect time to treat your clients to some all-over love. From nourishing hair treatments to nails, feet and skin, our experts share their winter must-haves. 


"We offer our clients smoothing keratin treatments to keep hair looking and feeling conditioned during the Winter months, which is when it can feel its most brittle. Keratin treatments offer intense hydration and rejuvenation and protect hair from environmental elements such as cold temperatures, wind and rain." 
Dylan Brittain, International Artistic Director, Rainbow Room. 

"During the Winter months our range of conditioning shampoos, conditioners and leave-in masques become our top sellers, along with in-salon conditioning treatments." Philip Bell, Ishoka Hair & Beauty

"Deep conditioning treatments are essential during Winter as they help hair retain moisture and nourishment and keep it looking and feeling strong, manageable and healthy. In the salon we offer a number of treatments as well as aftercare products. I always advise clients use a deep conditioning mask/treatment at home once or twice a week and then come into the salon every two to three months for a more intense treatment. Salon treatments are also a great way of encouraging client loyalty as a treatment can make your client feel pampered and special." 
Mathew Watt, Mathew Watt Hair. 

"As we head into Winter, the drop in temperature can have a very harsh, immediate effect on the hair. It's essential that you encourage clients to take precautions in order to protect their hair from losing its condition and also, it's colour! I would always recommend a deep conditioning treatment at home to inject key nutrients back into the hair, ensuring that they are locked in and providing a barrier for the hair." Chris Williams, International Colour Director, RUSH Hair. 


Rachel Gribble, Salon System Educator says it's easy to forget hands and feet in the Winter months. Here's how she cares for her clients. 

"With the colder temperatures, hands often become dry and chapped. Encourage clients to always wear gloves to keep hands protected, and take extra care of the skin in the coldest months with some nourishing treatments. I like NAILUX Brighten Hand & Foot Mask; it's softening and refining mask with skin-brightening papaya fruit extract and enriched with nourishing shea butter and sweet almond oil for silky smooth skin." 

"Feet need looking after all year round - not just in the Summer months when they're more likely to be on show! Consider offering 'Winter Warmer' nourishing pedicures to target dry skin in the colder months. Paraffin wax, heated booties and ultra-nourishing products such as Salon System's NAILUX Nourish Foot Cream will make a pedicure even more appealing on those cold days." 


"Our skin tends to become very dry and dehydrated during the Winter; the lack of moisture in the air paired with the biting cold climate really does take its toll. It's important to inject come moisture back into the skin and an ultra-hydrating and moisturising facial is a great way to do so. A facial penetrates the skin beneath the surface and encourages collagen production, the vital ingredient that improves the elasticity of the skin, giving it that plump, glowing look that goes hand in hand with hydration." 
Kirsty Rodziewicz, Perfectly Posh Hair Design