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Get the look - Japanese style by Ashley White Taylor Taylor

As much as we love gorgeous waves, topknots and messy updos, we can’t help but want ultra this origami-like Japanese do by one of our fave hairstylists, Ashley White of Taylor Taylor, London.

japanese hair style

Start by prepping towel-dried hair with a strong hold mouse, applying it evenly with a fine tooth comb from root to tip, paying attention to the hair line and any short or frizzing hairs. Using your comb create a sharp central parting, finishing about an inch from the crown.

With a soft bristle dressing brush start to smooth down the hair towards the nape of the neck using a gel hairspray to keep the hair as sleek and shiny as possible. Keep brushing the hair into one hand to start to create a ponytail. Ensure there are no lumps or bumps in the hair.

Once you are happy use a hooked hair tie to create the ponytail (this will help to not snag the hair when tying it). Tighten the ponytail and continue to smooth out the hair with your bristle brush towards the nape of the neck, before fixing with a high shine hairspray. Ensure your ponytail is still a little damp by using water spray.

Now apply more of the gel hairspray and continue to use your bristle brush and smooth out the hair until super sleek and shiny. Using a small clear hair band, tie again around the fixed ponytail but only pull the hair half way through to make a loop, leaving enough hair to cover the bands and create the spike. Fix again with high shine hairspray.

With the remaining hair, loop all the way around to cover the hair bands and bring the end of the hair to the top of the ponytail. Fix the hair using split pins, leaving some not pushed all the way in to create some texture. Spray the remaining hair with a little more hairspray if needed.

Now, using a straightening iron, smooth over the ends to flatten, smooth and set the hair to create the spike – you can secure with more split pins if needed. Once you are happy with the position and the hair is rigid, trim the ends of the hair to get a razor sharp edge. Complete the look with a final spritz of hairspray.

The products you will need >>>

1 IQ Super Gel Spray 250ml
2 Indola Innova Finish Shine Spray 300ml
3 Schwarzkopf Silhouette Mousse Super Hold
4 Hair Tools Pins Pk500 2 inch
5 Isinis Brush Senior (133)
6 Diva Argan S5 Elite Styler

japanese hair style products

First published in the Capital Hair & Beauty magazine.