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Gellux nail technician, Julie-Anne Larivière shows us how to create these perfect leopard nails

Gellux nail technician Julie-Anne Larivière has been test driving the latest nail art techniques and has created this gorgeous, sparkly leopard nail design using Gellux gel polishes. It’s a great way to revamp your look and can play up even the simplest outfits.

Gellux leopard nail art design by Julie-Anne Larivière

Step by step

  1. Prep nail and clean with Gellux Prep and Wipe.
  2. Apply Fast Bond.
  3. Apply Gellux Base Coat, cure.
  4. Apply Gellux Gold Rush, cure.
  5. Apply second coat of Gold Rush, cure.
  6. Using a dotting tool or fine brush, add a few dots on the nail (I have mixed one drop of Wild Mink with one drop of Rose Damask to make the dots), cure.
  7. Using Black Onyx and a fine brush, add lines on each side of the dots, cure. Add a few uneven dots in between to finalise the leopard print look, cure.
  8. Apply Gellux Top Coat, cure.
  9. Wipe off.

Gellux leopard nail colours

For more of Julie-Anne's nail art designs, visit her Twitter page @Juya_duranie89.