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Festival Season - Let's Go Crazy

Festival Season is the perfect time for us to let our hair down and play - or rather, braid our hair, colour our hair, put glitter in it' there really are no limits! See what the industry faves have to say about festival summer style.

"When it comes to festival hair, the only real limitation is your imagination - anything goes. Glitter isn't ideal for everyday life but a festival is the perfect time to indulge in some sparkle. Glitter buns really look off last summer, but we predict more of the same this year. Low-slung, messy buns are this year's take on the messy topknot - super stylish in a nonchalant way and very practical for festivals as your clients won't need a mirror, brush or steady hand!"


How to
Part hair centrally and pull back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Begin to wrap the length of the hair around the hairband until a bun forms and pin in place with grips. Don't aim for perfection with this style: this is cool-girl hair as its easiest. Finish by drizzling a little hair oil along the parting before sprinkling with glitter 
Lidia Patrizia, Stylist, Blue Tit Brixton 


"Bohemian waves are a great look for clients who want on-trend festival hair. This look is very natural and relaxed, with just a little volume and a soft cascading wave - it's great for festivals as it's effortlessly chic and looks great with a fedora hat! To get the look, start by spraying the hair with a heat-activated texturiser for added hold. Then, using curling irons, create the waves, starting a few inches away from the scalp to allow the wave to fall more naturally, and leaving an inch or so at the ends straight, to elongate the shape and make it feel more bohemian than glamorous. Work in similar sized sections, allowing the hair to twist naturally as you go around the head and spray each section with heat-activated texturiser as you go. Once finished, it's important to run your fingers through the hair to break up and relax the curls. Finally, finish with a spritz of hairspray to hold the waves in place all day long." 
Neil Barton, Goldwell Ambassador



"After a few days at a festival, hair ends up pretty dirty and greasy, which makes braids a perfect option, thanks to their versatility. Braids are easy to create and work even better on hair that hasn't been washed. Give braids a 2018 update by making them multi-coloured. Add bright and bold streaks of colour - permanent, temporary or via extensions - for a truly standout look" 
Chloe Herve, Blue Tit Clapton