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Bye-bye bushy brows - Facial treatments are back!


Facial treatments to resume in England from August 1st

Are you as excited as us? Eyebrow threading, microblading, waxing and tinting. Eyelashes, dermarolling, facial treatments, dermaplaning, make-up application or even a proper shave from your barber. Book us in for everything!


That’s right, the government recently announced that as of August 1st close-contact facial beauty treatments can resume in English salons if the proper covid precautions are put in place. So with that in mind, we thought we’d do the research and bring everything you need to know together in to this one handy guide.

Managing the rush

How many times have you wished for this day? Well guess what – so have the rest of us! So the first thing to be prepared for when reopening your beauty salon or announcing that you’re back with your mobile beauty business, is that EVERYONE is going to want treatments from day 1. Being prepared for this, setting client expectations and managing your time well will be key to a successful reopening. Here are some handy tips we found in our research:

· If you’re a mobile business, be smart with your scheduling – are there clients close together you could move around to reduce travelling times?

· For both salons and mobile businesses, think about your most profitable treatments and temporarily reducing what you offer to mean that every hour is the most profitable it can be.

· Don’t overdo it – the last thing you want to do is overwork yourself and end up compromising on quality of service. Think about the long term and don’t get greedy! Make sure you get enough downtime for yourself and leave yourself enough time to send every client away happy.

We’ve previously released articles on how to communicate positively with your clients and on managing your finances post-covid which could really help with managing the rush about to come your way!

Get the necessary covid precautions in place

Obviously, it’s not as simple for us as keeping everyone 2 metres apart, but there are a lot of measures which can significantly reduce the spread of the virus. Firstly, head over to our previous piece on getting your salon clean and ready for clients and have a look at our hygiene advice. We’ve also collated some great advice from the government on specific measures that salons and freelancers can be using:

· Using screens or barriers to separate clients from each other, and to separate practitioners from clients where it’s possible to do so

· Operating an appointment-only booking system to minimise the number of people on the premises at any one time

· Keeping the activity time involved to a minimum

· Increasing the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning, as well as regularly cleaning equipment or using disposable equipment where possible

· Avoiding skin to skin contact and wearing gloves where it is not crucial to the service, such as in nail bars and tanning salons

· Maintaining sufficient spacing between customer chairs

· Not allowing food or drink, other than water, to be consumed in the salon by customers

· Making sure a limited and fixed number of workers work together, if they have to be in close proximity to do their jobs


PPE and face masks for beauty treatments

As of 24th July, face masks are required to be worn by the general public in most public spaces – however, the government have confirmed that this does not apply to clients in salons. That said, if the lower half of the face isn’t part of the treatment then it wouldn’t harm to offer masks to clients who wish to use one (even if it just stops them talking, so you can get through more appointments).

However, you and your staff will be required to wear a mask and a clear visor when carrying out treatments to reduce the chance of the virus spreading.


Create a positive environment

Yes, things are different now. But the last thing clients want is doom and gloom. They come to you for the opposite of that – they come to you to look and feel amazing. So, slap on your best smile (even if it is behind a mask) and take back your summer! For some more advice on creating a positive environment we have an article over here.


Share your back to work experiences with us

So much of this is new to all of us, and it’s important that we support each other as an industry and a community. So, once you’re back up and running please share any experiences, advice, questions for us or work you’re proud of. Tag us on social @capitalhair or send us a message.  In the meantime, be sure to check out our inspiration section for more guidance on rebuilding your salon or freelance business post-covid.