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Boy zone - Why the man bun is set to be the top men's styling trend for summer

David Beckham While classic men's styles aren't going anywhere, there's a whole other 'hair personality' appearing. As with most man trends, that new look is inspired by the undeniable influence of David Beckham.

Over the years, the average man has experienced a wealth of various hits and misses when it comes to hair. While a Mohawk worked on Beckham, it didn’t always translate to the man on the street – but that wasn’t due to the barber. When it comes to someone like Beckham, there will be a team of stylists to ensure that that Mohawk grows out into a cool new style. But when it’s the man on the street, by week six he’s likely to panic about his next move; should he cut off the back and trim the top, or keep growing the whole thing in a vain hope that it will morph into the next Beckham style win?

And now it’s the man bun. Sometimes they look just right, thanks to the wearer most likely wearing all black, the latest trainers - that have never seen the inside of a gym - and layering on his Clinique moisturiser. But when it’s on someone who’s more comfortable in checked shirts or suits, the look becomes a little less convincing. It’s not that guys can’t grow their hair – I’m just stumped on the man bun!

It’s another look that proves that a consultation is vital when it comes to your male clients considering a new look. Have they thought about the maintenance? How much are they willing to spend, and how often, on keeping their hair sharp and well-groomed? There’s no doubt that the man bun is here for the Summer – and yes, Beckham’s got one, and he’s teamed it with that other top men’s trend: the bushy beard.

You’re the pro’s – what do you say; can anyone wear a man bun?

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