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Autumn/Winter trends

As the seasons change so does our style! We’ve spoken to the top colourists in the country to get their spin on the latest trends as we head into the darker, cooler months.

schwarzkopf logo autumn winter 1

James Taylor, Colour Director at Barrie Stephen Hair:
Most clients tend to go lighter for summer and darker for winter but I don't think that should be the case. Colour can appear duller and with the gloomy grey weather so I suggest staying lighter, but to change the tone and intensity of the colour.

Throughout the forthcoming season, we are seeing some definite colour trends emerging which will work perfectly with clients who followed the colour trends of the summer and will transition into autumn/winter beautifully.

Very light blondes will lose the cool, silvery tones and become more buttery, with very pale gold undertones. This shade of blonde is perfect for fairer skinned clients as the soft warmth will enhance their natural pale hue without needing to go platinum.

autumn winter 2

On olive and deep skin tones, I would suggest mixing medium to light chocolate browns with warm ripples of honey and gold, and to add life to brown hair, freehand hair painting is the perfect way to add colour in a subtle and natural way.

We are seeing coppers coming through in a very way too and the 'bronzed browns' seen are rich coppery hues with hints of brown and violet to neutralise the strong orangey tone. This colour will work with most skin tones and make every colour of eyes stand out.

Golden strawberry: these tones are a close relation to the buttery blonde and great if your clients want to be on the lighter end of the copper spectrum with this warm, rich rosy pink blush. It's a soft and romantic shade to have, which is both sassy and sophisticated at the same time, complement porcelain skin and lighter eye colours perfectly.

Darker haired clients should consider softly lightening their locks with face framing cappuccino highlights to multi-dimension as well as injecting more warmth into skin tone.

autumn winter 3

Will Eagles, Company Creative Director for Cream:
Autumnal hair colour is all about being burnished and bronzed! We're moving away from ombre and into strong, glossy, global applications of colour. As a rule of thumb, remember to keep within two shades lighter than your natural base and opt for cooler bronze tones. Think colour spectrums from pale chocolate to earthy amber and minky, muted caramel.

Lauren Tudor, Stylist at En Route Hair & Beauty:
Bronde is still going strong through winter, capturing different tones in the hair from blonde to brown. A rusted copper was seen on Rihanna and Eva Mendez which really complements their skin tone.

Highlights are back; whether it's blonde or dark hues, the whole natural effect of highlights is coming back in for A/W blending more natural tones to create a softer look. Platinum blonde is also back with a vengeance as the crisp clean colour has been seen on the catwalk plenty of times, also sometimes paired with some pastel tones to accent the strong blondes. Pastel pink is my favourite choice and the Schwarzkopf Blond Me strawberry toner is perfect for this look.

autumn winter 4

Andrew Minarik, Session Stylist:
After the cool shades and pastels of summer, it's time to shine and brighten up those autumn days! Add golds, coppers and warm chocolate shades into summer lightened hair, giving shine, depth and warmth.

To keep the summer pastel trends current, apply more vibrant, richer tones into summer lightened hair. Think reds, oranges, purple and violet colours to keep the look fun, healthy and full of shine. Deeper tones also give the hair the appearance of being healthier and more loved after the cool, sharp blondes of summer.

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